Peregrinus Hotel – top 3* hotel in Budapest

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            Looking for the perfect hotel to stay at during your visit to Budapest? Look no further because Peregrinus Hotel has everything you need to make your vacation extraordinary.

Situated in the centre of the Hungarian capital, Peregrinus Hotel is a favourite among tourists. Its central location is ideal for those who want to spend their days visiting Budapest’s famous landmarks. A short 20 minutes walk will take you right in the heart of the city where you can enjoy all the amazing attractions that Budapest has to offer. Although it’s so close to the city bustle, the Hotel is a hidden gem, tucked away on a charming narrow street, giving its guests all the peace and tranquillity needed after a long day of sightseeing.

The Hotel is housed in an enchanting historic building that dates back to the 1800’s and has been renovated to meet all the modern standards while preserving its beautiful architecture and charming classic style. The tasteful decorations and refined furnishings add to the Hotel’s sophisticated ambience.

Our extremely professional staff will welcome you into the warm and elegant atmosphere of Hotel Peregrinus, where you can choose from a variety of rooms, from single to queen or king size, depending on your specific needs. All the rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are equipped with quality amenities and guarantee a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Peregrinus Hotel is also very popular and has plenty of excellent customer reviews due to the fact that its rooms feature wedge pillows. These modern pillows are very good for anyone who is interested in experiencing a very deep and restful sleep, which is exactly what you need in your holiday.

This is not the only benefit of a wedge pillow because there are actually several health benefits that these pillows provide, and this is the main reason why increasingly more hotels invest in them in order to attract more clients. However, we would like to talk a bit about these benefits so that you understand exactly why you should confidently book this hotel. First of all, you must know that wedge pillows are perfect for getting rid of neck and back pains.

Furthermore, if you deal with bad circulation, indigestion issues, snoring, and acid reflux, by sleeping on a wedge pillow you will feel absolutely excellent and have a deep and restful sleep, which is without a doubt exactly what you want and need on your vacation. Therefore, you will certainly make a very good choice by booking a room at Peregrinus Hotel.

There’s a 24-hour reception and the WiFi service is free and excellent in all the rooms, so you don’t have to feel disconnected from the outside world.

If you don’t feel like eating out, the Hotel’s restaurant is a great alternative. There’s a large variety of delicious options on the menu, from traditional Hungarian food to international dishes to satisfy all tastes and preferences. There’s also an extensive selection of drinks to accompany the savoury food.

The Hotel also features some well-equipped conference rooms for guests who need to bring their work along. You will find all the necessary facilities to create a highly-functional private working space.

In addition, there’s a special space suitable for all types of events such as private parties, cocktails, glamorous dinners or special celebrations. You can have a brilliant time in an intimate and chic setting.

If all you need is spending some time in a peaceful and quiet setting, the Hotel’s garden is going to be your perfect oasis of relaxation. It can serve as a tranquil reading corner, a place to eat al fresco or just sit on a chair and soak up the sun on a good weather day.

Another great way to unwind is by working out at the Hotel’s gym and then taking some time to relax at the Spa. That’s a perfect recipe to clear your thoughts and push all the worries and stress away.

Budapest is a wonderful city and if you want to visit it, you deserve to stay at an equally wonderful hotel. So pack your bags and book a reservation – Hotel Peregrinus is waiting for you with its doors wide open.