Best places to visit in Budapest during summer

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          Unless you are going to the desert, summer is always a good time to visit a new place. Budapest is a city worth visiting all year round. Some might argue that winter is the season when the capital of Hungary reveals its true charm, when the heavy white snow covers the old streets and gives the city an eerie magical aura.  But summer can be just as charming, with the added benefit that visitors don’t need to wear several layers of clothes.

Picnics on Liberty Bridge – What is summer without some refreshing picnics? Most major cities have parks or gardens where people go to have a nice little picnic on the grass, but Budapest has a bridge. The famous Liberty Bridge is closed to car traffic on some summer weekends so that anyone in search of a relaxing time with friends can use it as a picnic spot. The views are, as you may suspect, absolutely gorgeous.

           Sandy beaches – You are probably confused, knowing that Budapest is nowhere near any sea or ocean. But Hungarians are inventive and while they don’t have an actual sea, they do have Lake Lupa as a substitute. On Lake Lupa’s Western shore, there’s the 2.5 km long Lupa Beach where the white sands, clear blue water, palm trees, sunbeds and bars will make you feel like you’re in an exotic location.

Rooftop fun – There’s a trend in all big cities that Budapest didn’t shy away from and it transformed many of its rooftops into party spots. Countless bars occupy now the rooftops of many new and old buildings, offering stunning views over the city. 360 or High Note SkyBar are some of the select locations where you can party late into the night while enjoying breathtaking panoramas of Budapest. But remember, these bars are so popular that finding an available table without a reservation is not something you should rely on.

Museums Night – Every summer in Budapest there’s a night when all the museums keep their doors wide open long after sunset, inviting everyone to admire their wonderful exhibitions in a special festive atmosphere. Before you decide that museums are not an exciting summer activity you should know that many of the venues also hold live concerts and entertaining workshops.

Butterfly Garden – Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is a beautiful place that you can visit all year long. However, in the summer there’s a unique event that will give you butterflies, but not in your stomach. A 260-square-meter space is populated by more than 20 species of butterflies, fluttering their beautifully patterned wings in a colourful frenzy, while other butterflies emerge from the cocoons in the chrysalis cabinet and join the mesmerizing chaotic flight. It’s a dazzling experience that will make you feel like a kid again and take you for a while into a land of fantasy and dreams.

By the looks of it, Budapest really is a magical city during summer.